Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Decluttering with Technology - Part 2 (On-line Recipe Storage)

Welcome to Part 2 of my paper declutter mission.

The internet is a treasure trove of information and inspiration for all our baking and cooking endeavours.  There are so many wonderful food blogs and recipe sites that tempt us with their delightful dishes and drool worthy photos.  But how to save this information for later without creating paper clutter by printing means on-line storage.  What is the best way to accomplish that?

Today, we will touch a bit on Pinterest which is very popular and most of you are already using it, as well as Copy Me That, which may be new to some.

The fastest and easiest way of saving all those wonderful treats you find while browsing the internet is by using Pinterest. Pin away - a link to that great tasting treat is always there for you when you feel the need to be inspired.

Here are some of my boards that need to be filled.

Although I do love to browse and pin things that tweak my interest, I wanted something that didn't require a lot of clicks to bring up the recipe.  Ziplist was also a tool for saving recipes used by many bloggers, but with it's demise,  I was on the search for something similar to their platform. 

My favourite is Copy Me That.  Add the copymethat button to your toolbar, have your account open and then surf around for some tasty treats.  Once you find something of interest just simply click on the button on your toolbar and the recipe will be moved into your account along with the link.

This is a fast way to store your recipes while you are browsing and you can always print them out when you have more time.

Once you have added some recipes, add tags or categories to each recipe.  You can organize your categories just like your favourite cookbook.  Now all of your favourites are in one spot and it eliminates the need for many online recipe boxes on several sites.

One of the added features I enjoy, is the menu planner.  From the screen above, you can see a plus sign on the left corner of each recipe.  Here you can add it directly to a shopping list or add it to the meal planning queue.  This is a wonderful tool if you enjoy planning your meals in advance.

As you search through your recipes, add them to the menu queue.  They will sit in a row across the top of the calendar as shown above.  Then simply click a recipe,  click on the day of the week you would like to add it to and it will move to that day.  Not happy with the order - no problem - just click on the recipe again and move it to another day. You can plan as far ahead on the calendar as you would like.  I especially love seeing the week laid out with pictures of the recipes on the calendar instead of just the name of the dish.  Once you are happy with your meal plan, you can click on add to shopping list at the top right and add one or all days to the shopping list.  The shopping list can be edited to remove items you already have on hand or to add additional items you need to stock up on.   When you are ready to cook, simply click on the recipe and it will come up in full recipe view. 
The print option is also there for those that prefer to have a printed copy on hand.

I have been using this app for several months and hope that you give it a test drive.  You will be happy with it's ease of use and all the wonderful extra features!! Copy Me That Signing up is free!!!

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